Our plans are basically guidelines for you to base your treatment.


From a simple massage to acute treatment, we may use some, if not all, of the techniques during the therapy.


If you are unsure, feel free to reach out to us for clarifications.


Our team consists of qualified and motivated professionals. With experiences in the industry, they are able to provide comprehensive services to our clients.

The Sprint

45 Minutes

For pre-event warm up, post-event recovery, minor or specific muscle aches and pains.




The Tempo

60 Minutes

For first -timers, full body massage, maintenance, specific muscle aches and pains.




The Recovery

90 Minutes

For full body massage with specific areas of concern, persistent muscle aches and pains.






Taping may be used post-massage to help with recovery.





45 Minutes

Consultation and first-timers who wish to explore their options.




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